The Need for a Run

I nearly determined the other day that I was allergic to my job.  I’ve been getting headaches for the last several workdays.  I don’t get these headaches on days when I’m not working.  Therefore, I must be allergic to my job.

Unfortunately, I don’t think any reasonable physician would agree with that.

Truly, I’m not sure what it is.  The fluorescent lighting?  The climate control system?  The chair/desk/computer combination which is set up in a decidedly UN-ergonomic manner?

Problem is, I’ve been in the same building with the same surroundings and same un-ergonomicness for the last three and a half years.

Perhaps the allergy was slow to develop.

Or, maybe it’s not a work allergy at all.

So what is it?  Why do I get these headaches?  Why do I have a knot the size of quarter in my neck?  Why do I have this ache between my shoulder blades?  Why is my SI joint acting up again?

Hmmm, when was the last time I went for a run?  A week ago?  Surely not.  (counting in my head…) Oh crud.  It’s been a week.  One long, entire week without a run.  Or even a brisk walk.

I mean, I guess I can make the Christmas excuse.  Except that I saw a dedicated person out running on Christmas morning, as Chef and I delivered an ice sculpture and then went back home to eat ourselves silly and lie around watching movies all day.  I was not the dedicated person.  (Unless I’m dedicated to biscuits and gravy.  And an argument could be made for that.)

So this may be the solution.  A run may work all the tightness out of my shoulders and evict the headaches from my temples.  It may remind my legs that they can do something besides walk from the couch to the fridge.  It may give me life again.

Tonight is the night.  Amen!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Rita
    Dec 30, 2009 @ 10:46:39

    OK, now you made me feel guilty.
    Maybe that’s why my lower back has been bothering me since Christmas.
    All right then, I promise (‘vow’ is too strong) to go for a walk today, further than the mailbox.
    Actually yesterday, I ran some errands (didn’t literally run) and had to walk between the car and libraries and bookstore, and the tight painful area began to loosen.
    Keep me accountable!

  2. Kim
    Dec 30, 2009 @ 15:08:04

    Not going to get out and run but I just might go for a nice brisk walk.

    To the ice cream place.

  3. Nathan
    Dec 30, 2009 @ 20:21:40

    Sounds like you’re on to something… for me it’s been a mood issue… I’ve just been grumpy… I need a good run…

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