I’m a runner.  I live in a small town.

Well, now we’ve got the obvious stuff out of the way.

My husband, Chef, and I and our two dogs share a bungalow in the downtown area of a small town in Indiana.  We love preparing food, and we love having people over to share meals with us.

I try to keep in touch with my creative side, but it likes to hide.  Still, I force it to come out now and then with knitting, decorating, and other crafty things.  And writing, too.

Running is one of my favorite ways to stay active and be outside and keep fit.  Due to foot surgery, I’m on a hiatus from running right now, and I can’t wait until I can get back into it again.

One of our biggest goals right now is to get out of debt.  We started hitting it hard in May 2009 and hope to have all our consumer debt (that is, everything except our mortgage), paid off around November 2011.

Thanks for sharing your time with me.  I hope you’ll have fun here!

boating Karen

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