Buying Brand Name

When I go to stores, I’m always looking for the cheapest prices.  I don’t want to pay more than I need to, especially if there isn’t a big difference in quality.  So I go for generics on a lot of things.  But I’ve discovered a few things that I will always buy brand name.

Laundry Detergent. I’ve purchased generic detergent for years, and I always wondered why my clothes looked dingy.  Duh.  All my synapses weren’t firing on that one.  I have just a few more loads left with the cheap-o detergent I bought last time, and then I’m going with Tide.  (After all, it’s what God cleans the oceans with!)

Batteries. Let me tell you, Dollar General batteries aren’t worth snot.  They just don’t last.  From now on, I will buy Duracell or Energizer or something.  But no more generic batteries.

Light Bulbs. Generic light bulbs also don’t last.  I stick with GE, Philips, Sylvania, or Westinghouse.

Plastic Wrap. More curse words have been uttered in my house because the stupid store brand plastic wrap won’t tear on the stupid store brand metal strip, and then the wrap gets all wrinkled and you can’t put it on the food, which hardly matters because the plastic won’t stick to the bowl anyway.  I now buy Saran Wrap.

Plastic Baggies. For the fold-over kind, generic is okay.  But if you want the kind you can re-close, go with Zip-loc or Glad.  I’ve had generic baggies that won’t close, or they close, but then they won’t open and I end up tearing the bag above the zipper which means that now there’s not enough for the fingers to grab onto in order to open the bag, so you have to tear the whole thing open.  Plus, the store brand bags get holes in them a lot more easily than the brand name bags.

I figure I’m not saving money if I have to throw stuff away more often, which is what happens with the items I’ve listed when I buy generic or store brand.

That’s my list.  Did I miss anything?  For what items do you insist on brand names?