Monday Meal: The Christmas Eve Edition

I know, Christmas Eve wasn’t on a Monday.  But on Monday, we had leftovers from Chicago Style Pizza week (YUM!) and then we hosted brunch on Christmas Eve.

And I realized, I’m a terrible food blogger.  In fact, I can hardly call myself a food blogger.  Chef does almost all the cooking at these events, and I try to remember to take photos or get recipes or something, but when there are ten or more guests in my house, I tend to forget.

So this time, I have just a few photos of people and finished products.  We had Monte Cristos (see how to make them here), bacon, and biscuits and gravy.  I have what I consider to be the best biscuit recipe in the world, but they didn’t turn out this time.  They didn’t rise.  I doubled the recipe, so I wonder if I calculated something wrong.  (Math and I aren’t really friends.)  The dough was really wet and I had to keep adding more flour, and then I’m sure I overmixed it, and they weren’t the wonderful light, fluffy biscuits I love.  It was very disappointing.

But the Monte Cristos were good.

The bacon was wonderful.

Is bacon ever NOT wonderful?  I’m a fan of bacon.

The gravy was amazing.

I believe there should always be sausage in the gravy when biscuits and gravy are served.  Gravy without the sausage just isn’t as good.

And my biscuits, while pitiful, weren’t bad when smothered with gravy.

Okay, so they were a little bit like hockey pucks made of bread, but my guests were kind and none complained.  I’ve got to make these biscuits again soon, though, just to redeem myself.

It was fun because we had some of our regulars, plus some people who come only every now and then, and some people who’ve never been there before — including three of Chef’s friends from middle school.

What’s even better is that we had leftovers again, so Chef and I ate them on Christmas Day.  And that meant we didn’t have to cook on Christmas.  We just watched movies all day!  Ocean’s 13, Elizabeth: The Golden Age (we didn’t realize it was a sequel, so now we’ll have to find the first one and watch it), The Bishop’s Wife (an old Cary Grant movie that was on our over-the-air movie channel), and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest, which was on network TV.  It was a wonderful way to spend Christmas Day!

I hope you all had a great Christmas Eve and Day.  How did you spend it?