Hello, Old Friend.

Recently, I became reacquainted with an old friend.

DSCF1542What with all my running lately, my bicycle has been neglected.  It’s not a fancy bicycle.  No nifty handbrakes, no aerodynamic styling, and the only speeds it has depend on how fast my legs are pumping.

But it has a cool basket.


Chef bought this bike for me a few years ago.  He added a bell to it.  The bell is a little rusty now, and it doesn’t ring as well as it used to, but I still like it.  He told me at the time that it was either an American flag or a Disney princess on the bell.  I’m glad he chose the flag.  I’m not too into princesses.

DSCF1544Because he worries cares about me, Chef also bought me a little pouch.  Inside the pouch is a patch kit, in case I get a hole in a tire and have to fix it.

DSCF1545Silly man.  That’s what my cell phone is for.  If I get a flat tire, I’m calling him to come get me!

Yep, now that my big race is done for the year, I hope to ride the bike a little more before the weather gets too cold.