Monday Meal: Miners’ Camp Pie

Okay, I teased you a little last week.  I told you that Chef was going to make something really yummy with lamb again, but I wouldn’t tell you what it was.

Hey, a girl’s gotta try to increase her blog readership however she can.

This week was a dish called Miners’ Camp Pie.  Except for some reason, Chef and I always call it Camp Miners’ Pie.  I’m not sure why we get it turned around like that.

Essentially, it’s a lamb pot pie.  He found the recipe years ago in a cookbook called something like Heritage of America or American Heritage. It’s an old cookbook, and I tried to find the book on Amazon or someplace so I could link to it, but I couldn’t tell if I was finding the right one because Chef has used his so much that he loved the cover right off of it.

Anyway, the recipe, as I mentioned, is basically lamb pot pie, but it has cream cheese in the filling, which makes it very rich and tasty.  The crust is very flaky, as well.  It is so delicious, and it’s comfort food for sure.

Chef says that he’s glad it tastes so good, because he doesn’t think it looks great.

You can be the judge, though.

To go along with it, he made brioche, which are kind of funny looking rolls with a knob on top.  They are always made this way, though I don’t know why.

The rolls were kind of heavy, and therefore not my favorite.  But this was the first time Chef had ever tried making them, so maybe they’ll be better next time.

In addition to the delicious meal, we had some unexpected guests this week.  The Bankers, friends of Chef’s family from forty years ago.  The Bankers were a fun addition to our regular guests.

Rita and Donna talked about old times.

Dennis and Aaron had some in-depth discussions.

And Mike apparently didn’t want his picture taken.

Then we had dessert: an original creation featuring the brioche dough, glazed pears, and fresh mozzarella cheese.

After he finished making dinner, Chef regaled us with his story, told in a Wisconsin accent, about the five-point doe.  We all laughed and laughed.  It was a good time.

And what was even better was that there was leftover Miners’ Camp Pie.


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