Monday Meal: The Protege Takes Charge

It’s been a while since I’ve had a Monday Meal post, but this week’s meal deserved one.

Monday was a crazy day for Chef.  After a morning commitment that lasted much longer than he expected, he had to drive to Ohio.  On the way, his oil gauge was going crazy, so he stopped to get oil.  He realized later that he’d lost the oil cap.  He picked up the ice that he needed from his colleague, then stopped at a store that sold acrylic products that he needed.  But he arrived at the store at 5:02 and the business had closed at 5:00.  Thankfully, the staff was understanding and they let him in to make his purchases.

But Chef was not available to make dinner for Monday night.  And seeing as I arrive home at 5:00pm and am still hobbling on crutches to a large extent, I couldn’t really do it either.

Thank goodness for Kayla, Chef’s protege, who is living with us now.  Chef gave her some direction, and she took over the meal!

She made rice and curry, with potatoes, carrots, onions, and ground beef.

It was also her first experience making bread all on her own.

After she was finished, she was happy and proud of herself, if a little bit hot and tired.

She did a great job.  The food was delicious, and Kayla even cleaned up afterward!

Now, I admit that I don’t know how Chef and Kayla make their curry.  We recently got some curry paste from a friend (we usually use curry powders), so this meal was different than what we usually do.  But I’ll tell you how I make curry.  And it’s very easy.

Karen’s Easy Curry

1. Cook chopped vegetables.  I usually use any of the following:  carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes, onions, squashes (I think autumn squashes are best — like acorn, butternut, pumpkin, etc., but you can use summer squashes as well if you like.)  The vegetables should be cooked until tender.

2. Cook chopped or pulled meat.  When we use chicken, we usually boil the chicken and then pull it apart.  If it’s ground beef or sausage, we just brown it in a skillet.  We have used slices of venison as well.

3.  Combine the meat and the vegetables.  Add curry powder, turmeric, ginger (minced fresh ginger is best, but ground ginger will work also), maybe some ground mustard and/or some chili powder or other hot seasoning, depending on how spicy you like your food.  I don’t measure any of this stuff — I just add it and stir it and taste it until it’s right.

4. Add a can of coconut milk.  We can get ours at the Dollar General for a dollar a can!  Most DG’s don’t sell coconut milk, but you should be able to find it at most major groceries.

5.  Taste again, to make sure it’s good.  Then serve over rice (Basmati is our favorite), topped with sour cream or plain yogurt, if desired.  If you can find some mint chutney, that’s also really good on it.


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  1. riTa
    Sep 27, 2010 @ 12:28:48

    Great pictures and thanks for the lesson in making curry. I may try sliced duck and lots of curry to disguise the wild. What do you think?

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