Crazy Eights: IX

1. My back is all screwy.  My chiropractor is going to have a lot of work to do next time I see him.  With having to have one foot elevated most of the time (I’m just now getting to the point that the swelling isn’t so bad and I can sit pretty much normally for a while each day), it has thrown my lower back all out of alignment.  My upper back isn’t in great shape, either, with having to twist my lower body one way to elevate the foot and my upper body the other way to reach the keyboard on the computer.

2. People don’t know what bunions are.  I’ve been doing a lot of explaining about what causes them and what the surgery is like.  I don’t mind.  But I’ve said and heard the word “bunion” more in the last week and a half than probably ever in my life, all put together.  My 6-year-old niece is now fascinated.  I spent the weekend with her (and the whole family) and she kept asking, “Does Grandma have bunions?  Did Mommy have bunions when she was little?  Does Aunt Amy have bunions?”  Once she said, “I hope I don’t get — what are those on your feet?”  “Bunions,” I replied.  “I hate bunions,” she said.  “I hate bunions, too,” I replied.

3.  My left leg, especially the quadriceps area, is getting really strong.  I think I’m going to end up with one giganto leg and one puny leg.  But we’ll get that all switched around in a few months, and eventually they’ll get all evened out.

4. Crutches can chafe your underarms.

5.  I really, really, really miss running.  And walking.  And — believe it or not — housework.

6. It might sound nice to have people waiting on you every day, but it isn’t.  I miss getting my own breakfast, driving myself to work, and being able to carry a glass of milk to the table by myself.

7. My family and friends and co-workers are really nice, though, and they are helping me as much as they can (and as much as I will let them.)  Sometimes I feel like a three-year-old, though, saying “I can do it myself!”

8. A few people have asked me if the pain of the surgery has scared me off from having the other foot done.  And since there have been times when the post-op pain from the right foot is simultaneous and equal to the bunion pain in the left foot, I can definitely say that no, I’m not scared off.


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  1. riTa
    Sep 07, 2010 @ 14:33:57

    Thanks for sharing and explaining.
    Vale la pena. (It is. worth the pain) I hope…

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