Long, hot summer

It isn’t often that I’m glad to see summer come to a close, or that I’m eager for fall to arrive.  I’ve always enjoyed summer.  Maybe that’s because my birthday is in the summer, or because I was in school (both as a student and as a teacher) for so long that summer in my mind still means carefree days, even though now I have to go to work all through June, July, and August.

But this summer has been hot.  And bright.  And the days have actually seemed too long.  I’m ready for some cooler temperatures, the leaves turning colors, a little bit of autumn rain.

Not that the hot weather has been all bad.  Our garden seems to be doing quite well.

Tomatoes are getting big.

And our little tomatoes are ripening.

Actually, they’ve been ripening for quite some time.  They often don’t even make it into the house before we eat them.

The herbs are doing wonderfully.  Tarragon and sage…


Lemon mint (although next time, I’m going to get regular mint.  I don’t care for the lemon mint.)

And thyme.

We also have rosemary and tons of basil.  I’m not sure how I forgot to take photos of them.

The turnips are growing well, at least from the top.  Chef thinned them once, and it looks to me like they might need to be thinned out again.

And while the following photo is terribly fuzzy, it will give you an idea of how well those puny collard green plants are now doing.

We just planted some radishes, and they have only about 40 days to maturity or something crazy-short like that.

Chef and I aren’t really fans of radishes, but a friend went on and on, raving about French breakfast radishes.  So Chef bought some seeds and we’ll try them out.

The pumpkins have big, beautiful flowers.

The cucumbers have smaller, but equally beautiful flowers.

In little more than a week, our lettuce went from this:

To this:

In one part of the garden, the watermelons and the cucumbers are becoming very friendly with one another.  It’s looking a little overgrown and wild.

Chef also just planted some beans that are popping up.

We’ve already got ideas about how to rearrange and expand our garden next year.  We’ll probably forgo the Cherry Roma tomatoes in favor of more Sunsugars, which are so, so good.  We will plant cucumbers and watermelon further apart from one another.  We’ll plant plants without vines in between vining plants so the vines don’t intertwine so much.  And of course, we’ll start earlier.

But before that happens, I want to see some fruit on those plants, and to harvest it.  And to enjoy some walks in the leaves.  And see the first snowfall of the year.

I’m not trying to rush winter by any means.  But this has been a very hot summer, and I’m ready for it to come to a close.


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  1. riTa
    Aug 13, 2010 @ 17:34:49

    Your garden is amazing!!! And you thought it might be too late.
    Love the orange blossoms.
    BTW, the peach salsa recipe, I re-found it! http://simplyrecipes.com/recipes/peach_salsa/

  2. riTa
    Aug 13, 2010 @ 22:19:20

    Your garden is amazing! And you thought it was too late to grow anything.
    I love the orange pumpkin blossoms.
    BTW I found the peach salsa recipe and updated my blog post. I didn’t follow it exactly. Didn’t have fresh mint, nor shallots, nor jalapeños, but used substitutes–hot pepper flakes, liquid mint sauce, onions. The choice of recipe–it was the only one that did not call for cilantro, which I did not have either.

    • Karen, the Small Town Runner
      Aug 19, 2010 @ 14:41:45

      Salsa without cilantro? Sacrilege. And I still loved it? Amazing.

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