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At the end of July, I got a very unexpected bonus at work.  We won’t go into why I think I got the bonus.  I’ll just say that I was told it was for one reason, but I really think it was for another reason.

But regardless of the reason, I got a bonus!  And of course, my immediate thought was to put it all toward our debt snowball.

Then Chef and I talked about it.  We had a number of projects around the house that we’d been putting off because they’re not cheap.  One was having our deck power washed and sealed.  It’s a couple hundred dollars to get that done.  Sure, we could maybe have done it ourselves, but we’d have to rent a power washer and we don’t know what we’re doing anyway, nor do we have the time to do it.  And the deck was getting so covered in algae that it was very slippery when it was wet.  Dangerous, really.  So with this bonus, we were able to pay to have that done.  (And it looks like a brand new deck!  We have to wait for three dry days in a row before we can have it sealed, but the power washing made a huge difference!)

Also, a friend of ours moved into the room we have above our garage.  It had been Chef’s office before he moved his business out of the house, and it had been vacant for a good while.  Now that there is someone living there, we needed to buy curtains to cover the windows (and a curtain rod to hang them on), hooks for her coats and purses, and a rod to hang some of her clothes on.  We took last Tuesday evening to go to Menard’s, Meijer, Wal*Mart, and Lowe’s to find the right stuff.  We had sucess, and our friend is now much happier with her place, and we think it looks nice, too!  There is still some work to do up there, both inside and outside, but her rent payments will help us to get those things accomplished.

We still had some money from the bonus left over, but we ended up needing to use it.  The way the pay periods fell this month, we weren’t able to put aside half our mortage payment this paycheck and pay the other half next time.  The mortgage is due before I get paid the next time.  So we had to pay the entire mortgage out of this paycheck.  We really would have been hurting if we hadn’t had the extra from the bonus.

So sure, I’m a little disappointed that we didn’t get to put that whole bonus toward our Discover bill.  But we got a lot done with the money, and we didn’t spend it frivolously.


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  1. rita
    Aug 09, 2010 @ 23:46:44

    This time you didn’t have to have an accident or robbery, but maybe the reason you got the bonus was equally unpleasant 😦
    Next time over I must look closely at the deck and maybe see Lisa’s place.

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