Please pass the tacos. And the cookies. And the running shoes. And a double helping of serenity.

On Thursday, I was an emotional eater.

I got to work, and it was just one of those days when I just didn’t want to be there.  I was feeling grouchy.  Then one of my co-workers gave me some information about a higher-up, and what this higher-up did made me angry and frustrated because it was a stupid thing to do.  Later, one of our nurse practitioners came to my office to see me.  She had a problem she hoped I could help her out with.  I didn’t think I could do what she wanted, but I told her I’d try and then get back with her.  I made a phone call, found out what I needed, and not 10 minutes after she left my office, I went to find her to tell her the news.  When I asked others if they knew where she was, three people said, “She’s not here today.”  Hello?!  She was just in my office.  After that, I had what felt like a bazillion phone calls regarding patients not wanting to pay their medical bills, and these calls were topped off by emails asking me to make a bunch of decisions that I’m not really equipped to make.

And this was all before ten in the morning.

So I went to the break room.  A pharmaceutical rep had brought coffee and bagels.  I didn’t need a bagel.  I wasn’t hungry.  In spite of that fact, I slathered a giant blueberry bagel with cream cheese and I ate it.

The late morning didn’t really go much better, and at lunch (which was brought in by another pharmaceutical rep) I filled my plate fuller than I really needed to.  After my mid-morning snack, I didn’t need to eat much for lunch, but the food was from one of my favorite restaurants, and it smelled sooooo good.  Oh, and I was still feeling grumpy.  The fact that my skirt was feeling a little bit snug unfortunately didn’t seem to make a bit of difference.

The afternoon continued to be not so great.  Then I got home and had a fight with Chef.  I was upset and angry and frustrated and I really really needed to go for a run.

I put on my shoes and headed to the park with the plan to run three miles.  The first half mile, I ran really fast because I was mad.  Then I started to pray that God would just help me to release my anger and my frustration.  Have you seen the movie The Green Mile?  And the one guy sucks evil or sickness out of a person and then breathes it out and it looks like flies coming out of his mouth?  I was imagning that each breath I blew out was all the anger and frustration I had in me.  Then I imagined that the breeze I was running into was blowing layers of grumpiness away.

By the end of the third mile, I was in a much better frame of mind.  I decided to just sit for a while in the park, enjoying the beautiful weather and the shade of a giant tree.  I ran back home, making a small detour to check out the progress of the Chinese buffet that is going into the old Dairy Queen in town.  Then I ran back home.

My run was good therapy for my frustrations.  And hopefully it burned off a bit of that bagel, too.


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  1. riTa
    Aug 02, 2010 @ 14:12:09

    I had one of those bad days last week.
    On the way home from Mother’s I listened to Mid Morning, July 30th, interview with author of The Silent Seduction of Self Talk. Very interesting and helpful, what I needed, since I couldn’t go for a run.
    And now both of us have a Kayla to watch us argue 😉
    Ours laughs and tells her mother about our spats 🙂

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