Crazy Eights: VIII

1. I decided that instead of having surgery on my left foot this year and my right foot next year, I’m going to try to have them both done this year.  I had made the one per year decision because I still wanted to have two full springs, summers, and autumns being able to run.  But then I thought about my $1500 insurance deductible, which I would have to pay twice if I did it that way, and only once if I got them both done this year.  It makes more financial sense to have them both done in the same calendar year if possible.  Plus, I’m really sick of having pain in my feet and being unable to find shoes that fit.  Let’s get this over with.  I have an appointment with the doctor in August (though I might try to move that up if I can) and I’ll see how soon we need to do the left in order to get the right done this year.

2. I’m entering a medical research study about menstrual migraines.  I don’t have them as bad as some people do, but I do get them.  I’ll go to the doctor once a month, take either medication or a placebo the first seven days of each of my cycles, and get paid $30 per doctor visit for a total of six or seven visits over six months.  That’s at least $180 that’s going toward our debt, baby!

3. A garage sale this weekend will also put money toward our debt.  Gosh, garage sales are a lot of work.  I really hope this makes me some money.  Either way, I’m getting a lot of stuff out of my house.  If I don’t sell it, it’s going to a thrift store or something… IMMEDIATELY!

4. Chef and I, plus his family and some of our friends, are going to the Indiana Dunes next week to camp.  I’ve never been there, and I’m excited.  There won’t be any blog posts from me next week.  Buck up.  You’ll be okay.

5.  We go to the Farmers’ Market pretty much weekly.  The one thing that bothers me about it is that there are vendors there who aren’t selling LOCAL produce.  I mean, isn’t the that the whole point of the Farmers’ Market?  We went a couple of weeks ago and saw some nice looking tomatoes.  We asked the vendor, “What kind of tomatoes are these?”  He said, “Red ones.”  He had no idea the variety, and I’ve discovered that the vendors who grow their own tomatoes almost always know the variety.  So I said, “Are they local?”  He said, “Them’s from Mississippi.”  Seriously?  Why would I go to an Indiana Farmers’ Market to buy Mississippi tomatoes?  We passed him by, and will continue to do so every time we’re there.

6. I can’t wait until someone has good, sweet, local corn for sale.  We bought some corn at the Farmers’ Market (not from the Mississippi tomato guy), and it was not good and not sweet.  I think the next corn we buy will be from the farm down the road from us that has a farm stand.  I’ve always heard that they have good corn, every year.

7.  I’m sure Mississippi tomatoes are just fine.  I just think a local Farmers’ Market should have local produce.  Nothing against Mississippi.

8. I dreamed last night that I got a second job that allowed me to work two nights a week and I was excited because it’s a place I’ve wanted for a long time to work (and have been interviewed there twice, but the jobs I want are not full time so I haven’t been able to take them).  But when I think about it in reality, I’m not sure I have the energy to work two nights per week on top of what I already do.  So instead I submit my body to research for $180 and get both my feet operated on in one year to save $1500 and sell all the junk in my closets in hopes of a little cash.


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  1. merry
    Jun 29, 2010 @ 12:02:29

    A friend had a garage sale and then listed the leftovers on Craigslist and made more from that than the sale itself. If your goal is raising funds, you might try listing some of the bigger items before donating them.

  2. riTa
    Jun 29, 2010 @ 20:30:45

    Wish I could help with Sat. garage sale…and I have more stuff…we’ll see…

  3. Kim
    Jul 03, 2010 @ 14:31:52

    Hoping the garage sale went well and you made lots of moola. Personally I love GOING to them but hate HAVING them.
    Craigslist is indeed a good idea for things you don’t sell. With gas prices the way they area, fewer people are garage saleing (how in the world do you spell that?!) and more and more are going to craigslist to buy and sell things.

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