Last Friday I had planned to go for a five mile run, but since we were celebrating our anniversary that day and I knew we’d be walking a lot, I decided to forgo the run.  Good thing I did, too, because after hours of walking around the Indianapolis Zoo and White River Gardens, my legs were  plumb tuckered out.  Good thing we got to sit down for the Indianapolis Indians game!  The Indians beat the Columbus Clippers, and then there was a fireworks show… just like the fireworks in my heart as I thought of our wedding day ten years ago.  (Oh, sorry.  Was that too sickeningly sweet for you?)

The next day, my legs were still tired, so instead of running to the YMCA like I usually do for my Pilates class, I biked.  It wasn’t as much of a workout as walking, but it was plenty for my tired self.

Sunday I managed a two-mile run.  Monday I took a day off from exercising (though I did mow the yard).  Tuesday I was planning to bike to work, but forecasts of severe thunderstorms changed my mind.  I did manage to make it to the Y for four miles on the elliptical machine, though.  Today it was raining pretty hard when I got up, so no biking to work today either.

I’m having a hard time getting all my exercising in!

On top of all that, I am STILL stuck on week 4 of my 100 push ups plan.  In fact, I had to move myself from the middle track to the easiest track.  I also found out that the 10K I was planning to run next week has been shortened to a 5-mile run due to construction on the Greenway.

I feel stymied at every turn.  I AM still a runner!  I’m just having a hard time living it right now.  But I’m trying to get some exercise in — biking and elliptical machines are still okay.  It’s cross-training, after all.  Plus I plan to go canoeing with friends this weekend, and that will help work my noodle arms.

How are you doing on your workout regimen?


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  1. Rainy-Day Saver
    Jun 09, 2010 @ 16:04:18

    I’d say you’re getting PLENTY of exercise in, but that’s only compared to my paltry 3-day-a-week gym habit that I’ve recently picked up. And I’ve been having a hard time doing even that. But I’ve been doing a lot of work around the house, too, so I’m not *completely* sedentary lately.

  2. riTa
    Jun 17, 2010 @ 07:32:03

    If walking through four airports and basically staying up for 24 hours is exercise, then I’m doing great!

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