Area meteorologists said last week that while Friday held beautiful weather, a cold front was going to move in Friday night, bringing rain and chilly temperatures.  When I awoke Saturday morning, it was sunny and warm.  Then the meteorologists said that the front was coming in Saturday afternoon, so I hurried to get my laundry on the line so it would dry before the rain came.  I needn’t have hurried, because even as it was getting dark on Saturday, the weather was still warm and there was no rain to be seen.  The meteorologists then said that the front was coming in Saturday night, and that Sunday would be cold and rainy.  Sunday was cloudy, and not as warm as Friday or Saturday had been, but there was still no rain.  It wasn’t until Sunday evening, around 6:00 or so, that the temperatures dropped and the wind started to pick up.  Even so, it didn’t start raining until sometime after I went to bed Sunday night.

Lots of people make fun of weather forecasters, saying how great it would be to have a job where you could be wrong 50 percent of the time.

But really, you gotta give the meteorologists a break.  After all, they are essentially trying to predict the movements of God.

And I kind of like it when God shows he’s the one in control.


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  1. Rita
    Mar 23, 2010 @ 17:55:14

    I don’t care for jokes about meteorologists myself, either.

  2. RainyDaySaver
    Mar 24, 2010 @ 16:13:30

    Meteorologists — getting paid for what really comes down to a guessing game! =)

  3. maria
    Mar 27, 2010 @ 21:41:04

    We just saw Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs today. Talk about weather!
    Did you read that book as a kid? Oh I did and loved it!
    Living for more sunshine, Maria K

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