Crazy Eights: VI

1. I feel kind of like stalker because I keep checking the Ice Alaska webcam, hoping to catch a glimpse of my husband.  The problem is that since Fairbanks is four hours ahead of Indiana, it’s hard to catch him.  I’m also texting him constantly, stalker-like.  Although since he’s my husband, I’m not sure it would qualify as stalking, which is good because stalking is creepy.

2. I’m really, really, really trying to maintain my positive attitude about winter.  The continual snow is making that effort difficult, but I keep reminding myself that two years ago when Chef was in Alaska, the highs here were in the single digits.  It’s warmer than that this year, so I should really stop complaining.  (Incidentally, when it was in the single digits here in 2008, it was in the 40’s in Fairbanks and the ice was difficult to work with at that temperature.  And that meant that Chef and I were both miserable and wanting to swap weather.)

3. My friends have been really nice about inviting me over and stuff while Stephan’s gone.  I’ve hung out with Lisa and Gina and the Monday Dinner crowd.  And I’ve been reading books and watching the Olympics.  I have not been exercising or knitting as much as I expected to.

4. My parents are coming to visit me this weekend.  I thought about going to visit them, but then I’d have to find someone to watch the dogs and that’s not always easy.  (There’s not really room in the budget to board them right now.)  Plus, my mom is going to help me with some projects around the house — namely, trying to tame the chaos that is in my kitchen cabinets.

5. I was at the grocery on Saturday and saw that they had Clementines (which Chef calls “Oh My Darlin’s”) and I almost bought them because I love Clementines so much.  And then I remembered that I still had a bowl of 10 or 12 grapefruit at home, and I figured I ought to finish those off before purchasing more citrus fruit.

6. Next week, Chef and I are going to have our bi-weekly budget meeting over the phone.  We’ve never done that before, so it will be really interesting to see how it goes.

7. It wasn’t really until Tuesday night that I started to get really sad about Chef being gone.  Come to think of it, though, Tuesday was the first day since he left that I didn’t have something planned for myself to do, so maybe that’s why.  If that’s the case, I should be okay again until at least next Tuesday because my parents will be here Thursday through Sunday, and then Monday is dinner.  Maybe I’ll have to figure out something fun for myself to do next Tuesday.

8. Even so, I’m really eager for both Chef and spring to come.


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  1. Rita
    Feb 25, 2010 @ 10:47:33

    If vitamin C is the cure, you should NOT catch a cold.
    Say Hi to my consuegros, R & D.
    Have a great time.

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