Beef and Noodles

Unfortunately, this post is not about food.

Or rather, given my food intake and lack of physical exertion last week, maybe that’s fortunate.

This woman is strong.  Beefy, you might say.

So is this one.

This woman?

Not so strong.

And it doesn’t help that I enjoy things like these:

And let’s not even mention how many tacos I ate when only two people came to Monday Night Dinner last week.

Please, don’t ask.  It was a lot of tacos.

And while I enjoy running and otherwise being active, it’s been snowy.  Have I mentioned how snowy it’s been?  Very.  And that makes it hard to get outside.  And while Chef was home, I wanted to spend every possible moment with him, knowing he was going to be gone soon and for quite a while.

So I didn’t go running last week.  I walked a bit — took the dogs to the park, walked to the post office to mail out prizes for the haiku winners — but no real workouts.

As a result, I’m not beefy.

I’m noodley.

But I went back to the gym on Saturday to run and do Pilates.  And Chef is away, so I’ll have more time to work out the next couple of weeks.


And someday, the weather is going to warm up and the snow will melt and it won’t be so dicey trying to run outside.

Soon, I hope to be in touch with my beefy side.


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  1. Rita
    Feb 23, 2010 @ 11:59:44

    I am becoming more and more fleshy, not beefy 😦
    I just joined an exercise class for seniors that TU exercise science majors are leading, twice a week for ten weeks.

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