Monday Meal: Creamy Chicken Noodle Soup

Chef and I knew ahead of time that his parents wouldn’t make it to the Monday Meal last week because they had a meeting to attend.  Later, we got a call from Gina (another regular), saying her son had a school project to finish, so they weren’t going to make it either.  Still, I put the leaves in the table and Chef worked on the soup.  At 6:30, we’d pretty much decided we were going to be the only participants, but ten minutes later, Beka showed up.  She offered to leave so we could have the evening to ourselves, but we insisted she stay.  Instead of the three of us sitting at the now-huge dining room table, we chose to take our food by the wood stove and enjoy dinner by the fire.

Chef made a veloute sauce and added carrots and onions and noodles for a creamy chicken soup.

He made bread and chai, as always.  And Beka commented that the Apple Pie Jam my mother makes, which we were serving with the bread, would be really good on top of ice cream, so we whipped out the Breyer’s for dessert.

The three of us talked about writing, and jobs, and knitting and crocheting, and the new coffee shop downtown.  It was a nice, cozy time.

Now, for the next four weeks, I’m on my own for the Monday Meal!  Although Chef will be here a little bit next week, he won’t be home for the next three Mondays.  And he’ll arrive home on the fourth Monday, but he’ll be far too exhausted to prepare a meal.  (Gina suggested we cancel the meal for that week so I could just hang out with my hubby, but I told her he’d be sleeping for the next 12 days after his return, so it was perfectly okay to go ahead with dinner.)

I sat down yesterday and got all the meals planned out, along with shopping lists for the things I’ll need.

The Monday Meal segment should be an adventure for the next month, and I won’t promise photos because good grief, I’ll be doing enough just cooking.

P.S. Haiku winners will be posted shortly!


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