You’ve met my dogs.  In general, I think they’re nice company, but not very useful.  They don’t take out the garbage (unless you count taking it out of the trash can to eat it) or mow the grass (unless you count running around in the yard so much that all the grass in that area is now dead) or clean the house (unless you count eating any dropped food crumbs or Legos or small pieces of wood that might be on the floor).  Heck, they don’t even use the bathroom (unless you count drinking out of the toilet).

I mean, look at those guys.  Just lazing in the sunshine.

But last weekend, Chef was out of town, and these dogs knew it.  I don’t know if they understand what a suitcase means or what, but they were fully aware that he was gone and that they’d better step up their game.

“Who me?”

Yes, you, Gryffon.

Friday evening, I was just eating frozen Dollar General chimichangas and Doritos while watching TV.  But the dogs were extra alert.  At every little noise, they jumped up, ran to the front window, and barked.

Maybe they were just eager for Chef to get home, and they were hoping that every squeak and thump they heard was an indication that he had arrived.

But I kind of think they were on a mission to protect me.

Not that there’s a lot of crime in out little town… aside from having our motorcycle stolen, and the time some vandals smashed a bench we had in our front yard.  But we’ve lived in the same house for well over eight years, so that’s not so bad.

I’ve never felt afraid in our house or in our neighborhood.

But Gryffon and Gracie were on high alert, and they were going to be sure to keep me safe from anything that might be out there.

And even though I don’t really think there’s anything scary out there, it’s nice to have that extra bit of protection.  If it came down to it, would they truly protect me?  Or would they just waggle their tails and lick the intruder?

Maybe I’m dreaming, but I like to think they would protect me.

Even innocent little Gracie.


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  1. Rita
    Feb 03, 2010 @ 11:00:05

    Such GREAT photos of the granddogs!
    I’m sure they wuv you and look after you!
    And they’re living, breathing beings to keep you company when you’re alone.

  2. Tracy
    Feb 03, 2010 @ 12:39:09

    Aww. I wish we could get a dog!!

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