The Winter Dilemma

I generally prefer to run outdoors.  I like being able to see a variety of sights along the way — the houses, people, animals, and trees along the route.  I like the fresh air.

But in the winter, I sometimes retreat indoors.

I’m not crazy about treadmills.  I feel like they force changes in my gait and stride.  Plus, there usually isn’t anything interesting to look at.  Of course, if something became too interesting, I’d risk falling off.

If you’re doing some kind of specific training — speedwork, for example — treadmills are nice because you know you’re keeping a steady pace and not slowing down without realizing it.  Or if you want to do hill work, you can change the incline on a treadmill instead of searching for hills.

And there aren’t many hills around my house.

But in general, I find treadmills a little boring.  So even when it’s cold, I’m usually willing to bundle up and run outside.

Last week Tuesday, though, it was 34 degrees and raining, which in my opinion is the worst weather to run in.  It’s cold, wet, and miserable.  Wednesday it was crazy-windy and sleeting, which turned into sideways snow.

I’m not that dedicated.  When the weather is like that, I’m heading inside.

And I’m thankful for my membership to the YMCA.


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  1. Rita
    Dec 15, 2009 @ 12:43:20

    I just noticed that it’s snowing virtually on your blog! Cool 🙂
    Who arranged that?

  2. Lynn Hoyt
    Dec 15, 2009 @ 12:46:20

    Well, it sure looks like you ARE dedicated! Congratulations! I don’t believe I could keep up the pace. I admire you and my sister, who can keep up an extremely active life. I am discovering, though, that my interest just isn’t there. I enjoy reading, doing crossword puzzles, etc. So it is good that my job requires me to be active. That is my source of exercise, and, though I do not thrill at it, I realize I need it.

    Have a very blessed Christmas!

  3. Tracy
    Dec 15, 2009 @ 15:29:43

    I’m all about the treadmill, hehe. I like it better than running outside because I can watch TV while I exercise, and that seems to make the time go by a lot faster!

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