My First Award

So just the other day, I received my first Blog Award!

Of course, this award is from my Aunt Kim (okay, technically she’s my aunt by marriage).  And she admitted that she just drew names out of a hat in order to decide upon whom she was going to bestow the award.  I don’t really know how to feel about that.

I’m not jumping for joy, because it really is just by chance that I got the award.

But at least she didn’t draw my name out and say, “Ooo, Karen?  Yuck” and then throw my name back in the hat.  Or in the fireplace.  But then, she’s probably not using a fireplace now because she’s in Argentina and it’s not cold there this time of year.  (Meanwhile, it’s snowing like crazy outside my window.)

And she did put my name in the hat to begin with.  So she must like me and/or my blog a little.

Anyway, here’s my award:

There are rules that come along with this award, and I wonder if that’s common in blog awards.  Anyway, I will follow the rules.  I am very dutiful.  (In spite of my dutifulness, I was always the Wild Child in my family.  Can you believe this?  When I tell people this, they look at me in complete disbelief.  I’m so far from wild that tame is almost too wild a word for me.  Even so, I’m MUCH wilder than my sisters were.)

Now, where was I?  Oh yeah, the rules.  Well, the rules are that I’m supposed to tell five things I like and then pass the award on to five Bloggy friends.  So here we go.


1. Chicken Coconut Curry, served with Basmati rice.  I think that in Heaven, I will eat this every day.  It is the most delightful food.

2. Springtime.  I love seeing the grass turn green, the little flowers pop up out of the ground, and the buds push out of the tree branches.  I like that the weather gets warmer and I can put away my winter coat.  I like that the sun shines more.  I like that there are thunderstorms.

3. Running.  It clears my head, gets my heart pumping, and makes me feel strong.

By the way, I’m having a much harder time coming up with five things I like than I anticipated.

4. Nature.  Okay, that’s very vague.  I guess I mean that I like being out in the woods or on a lake or something, away from crowds of people and in a place where I can’t check my email and I don’t feel obligated to answer my cell phone.  I like being away from the noise of traffic and garbage trucks and police sirens.  I like looking at all the amazing things God made, from a great blue heron to a tiny dandelion.

5. Snow.  As I look out my window, watching it come down, I know that I really do like it.  I’m not crazy about driving in it, but I love how when there are a few inches of it, all the sharp corners on everything are softened.  People get stuck at home (I love snow days!) and it becomes very evident that God is more powerful in a silent snowfall than we are with all our bustling and blustering.

Okay, part one of the rules is complete!  Now I’m supposed to choose five Bloggy friends with whom to share this award.  Here are my picks:

Thelma I stole her Schmozzles idea for my Crazy Eights, so I kind of owe her something.

Andrea She was a friend through some of the hardest times in my life.

Rita My mother-in-law, learning lots about writing which I hope to learn someday.

Wow… so far, everyone has a name ending in A.  Now I feel pressured to keep that going.  I’m not sure I can.

Karen She’s much more a photographer than a blogger, but she does blog about her shoots.  And I think she’s an awesome photographer.  And we share a name.

Tracy I’ve never met Tracy (I’ve never met Thelma, either, for that matter.)  But Tracy has a food blog that I love, and she’s been very willing to give me thoughts and suggestions on blogging in general.

So there!  I’m done!

And thanks, Kim, for not throwing my name away when you drew it out of the hat.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Tracy
    Dec 10, 2009 @ 10:35:04

    Aww, thank you!! I’m so flattered! 😀

  2. Rita
    Dec 10, 2009 @ 10:46:49

    Gee, thanks, dear DIL, for intentionally listing me (not just drawing my name out of a hat!) and for saying sweet things.
    Now I’m gonna have to think about what I like most….hmmmmm….

  3. Kim
    Dec 11, 2009 @ 19:48:21

    hahaha, guess I’ll never live down the “pull-it-from-a-hat” award, huh? But seriously, how do you choose just five people when you have a lot of bloggy friends?

    They’re called awards but they’re kind of like glorified memes, don’t you think? With the requirements I mean.

    Have you shared the chicken coconut curry recipe on your blog yet?

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