I had this big plan for Chef for a Christmas present.  Since Chef reads my blog, I must be vague here, but you’ll get my point.

I ordered this gift online from a pretty well-known company.  If I revealed the company, Chef would get too big a hint.  Plus, I don’t know if I want to say bad things about big companies on my blog.  Maybe I will after Christmas when Chef already knows his gift and I’m not so much in the Christmas Spirit.  Anyway, I actually spent a good deal of time this fall preparing the gift (something you can do at this company’s site), and I ordered it on November 19.  I knew I would have it in plenty of time for Christmas.

But I waited and waited for it to come in the mail.  After waiting nearly two weeks, I checked online to track it. I found the order had been canceled.  I was mad.  Seriously?  I didn’t cancel this order!  So on December 2,  I sent a message to customer service asking what happened.  The next day, I received a reply stating that a “temporary technical issue” resulted in the inability to fill my order at the time it was made and that my account would be credited. The representative said that I should place a new order. There was no apology and no other offer to resolve the issue.

Now I was really mad.  Their computer glitch caused my order to be canceled.  They didn’t tell me it was canceled, and they didn’t fix the problem.  On top of that, they didn’t immediately credit my account even though the order wasn’t going to come.

I sent another email to customer service telling them that it was not acceptable that I was in no way notified that the order could not be processed and was therefore canceled. I told them there should have been an email sent to me indicating the problem and my account should have immediately been credited. This isn’t something a customer should have to ask for — if the goods aren’t sent, the bank account should not be charged. I let them know that I thought since I did not cancel the order, their company should have fixed the error and processed my order, rather than making me reorder something I never canceled, and notified me with their apologies that the order would arrive later than anticipated.

I told them I re-ordered the gift, but that I wanted a discount because their poor customer service makes me want to never order from them again and to tell all my friends never to order from them again.  I said that reducing the charge on this order would do much to regain my confidence in their company.

The next day, I got an email back.  It said, “Hello Karen, Thank you for contacting *** Customer Support.  I’m extremly sory [sic] for the inconvenience caused for cancellation of your previous order.  I’d be happy to apply RRBOOKS coupon to your order#500331016-04V. I’ve issued a refund of $24.94 to your credit card.  I hope this will go some way in restoring your faith in our service.  Please let me know if I can do anything else to assist you.

A credit of $24.94 reduces the total cost of the gift almost by half.  I’m perfectly satisfied with that.  (And I’m really glad I didn’t ask for a specific discount.  I probably would have asked only for about 20 percent off.)

So now I had a little more money freed up!  I used that when I went shopping for my last few things for Stephan.  Shopping around certainly helped me stretch my dollars, too.  The store I finally found offered the items at about half the price of two other stores.

And as of Saturday, December 5, I am finished with all my Christmas shopping.  Hooray!


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  1. Rita
    Dec 09, 2009 @ 22:40:53

    Good for you!
    I am much ahead of other years when I was teaching.
    But still a way to go. Enjoying it though.

  2. Money Funk
    Dec 10, 2009 @ 15:01:22

    Yeah for you!

    I had a similar situation with all my fish dying because the new fish I bought had ick. Petsmart never even apologized, felt sorry for me, nada! Such a bum cuz I had a lot of faith in them. *sigh*. Well I have new fishy friends – but was sorry to see my others go.

    So, you’re done with your shopping??? 😉

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