The Railroad

One of the first things we had to get used to in living in our town is the railroad.

A set of double tracks is less than two blocks from our house.  Trains go by about once an hour, I estimate.

They used to wake us up at night all the time.

Now, we hardly notice them unless the windows are open and we’re on the phone.  The whistles do make it hard to hear sometimes.

But really, the trains and the tracks are just as much a part of this town as the creek that runs through it.

It’s just that the trains are a little bit noisier than the creek.


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  1. Rita
    Dec 01, 2009 @ 10:21:55

    So true about getting used to a repetitive sound, you only realize this when you are away from it.
    Growing up, the local train was only a block away and there was one going by every few minutes.
    On the ship the hum of the engines was constant.
    When we were on land we were so aware of the sounds of nature: birds, animals, breeze & wind.
    L noticed the quiet while staying here, the absence of traffic and city noise.

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