A Saturday in the Life…

Saturday was a busy day.  I got up and went for a short two-mile run at the park.  It was about 8:00 am, and there were a few people there, but not too many.  I saw a couple of guys there with about three dogs, running off-leash.  As I passed by them, one of the men said to the dogs, “Now boys, don’t you bother her.  She’s on a mission.”  That made me smile as I finished my last mile.

Back at home, it was time to rake the leaves.DSCF1594Last year, my parents were visiting at leaf-raking time, and they were a big help.  This year, I was on my own.

DSCF1595There are a lot of leaves.  I never realize how many leaves are on a tree until they fall onto the ground.

This is my tool of choice.  I don’t have a leaf blower or a leaf vacuum or anything like that.  I do enjoy raking leaves, for the most part.  It’s really good exercise, and I’m in a fall and winter cross-training phase, so I’m not just running right now.  I want to do other things, too.  Like raking leaves.

DSCF1596So I use the green leaf rake.

I got all the leaves raked into piles.

DSCF1597Then Chef said, “Hey, you wanna take the date money and go down to Jack’s for breakfast?”  Jack’s is a doughnut shop that just opened in town a few months ago.  Chef has been there a couple of times, but I hadn’t been there yet.  So we grabbed some cash and walked down to Jack’s for a doughnut date.  It was nice.  Jack’s has good doughnuts.  The yeast doughnuts were especially good.

When we came back, I needed to take the laundry out of the washer and put it on the line.

DSCF1604I prefer to hang laundry on the line instead of putting it in the dryer.  I feel like I’m saving a lot of money because I’m not paying for the electricity to run the dryer.  Plus, I think they smell nice when they are hung on the line.  My mom and I say “they smell like sunshine.”  My husband thinks that’s silly because sunshine doesn’t have a smell.  But I still like it.

Back to raking leaves…

DSCF1598What I really hate about raking leaves is trying to bag them.  It’s awkward and difficult.  So last year, we decided to just put all the leaves in the dog yard.  We have a small, fenced area where our dogs run around.  They’ve killed all the grass in that area, and we thought, hey, maybe the leaves will keep them from getting so muddy when it rains.  Plus we don’t have to bag the leaves.  So we did that last year, and it was wonderful.  We just piled all the leaves in the dog yard.  The dogs think it’s fun to play in the leaves, and I don’t have to buy bags and wrestle the leaves into the bags.  Perfect.  So I did that again this year.  By next spring, all the leaves will have been mulched and disintegrated by the dogs running continually over them.

After the leaves were raked, it was about 2:00.  Chef had fixed both the garage door (which wasn’t shutting properly) and the dishwasher (which wasn’t getting the dishes clean), and we were both hungry for lunch.  After we ate some leftovers, Chef went to the shop to get ready for his ice delivery that evening.  I mopped the kitchen floor.

DSCF1608In my opinion, those sponge mops don’t get the floor clean enough, so I use a rag mop.  Even so, sometimes I need to get out a scrub brush and get on my hands and knees and really get the floor clean.  But today was not the day for that.

Finally, the leaves were raked, the floor was clean, and the laundry was folded.  I took a little time to read…

DSCF1585… then took a short nap.  I made a plan for dinner, knitted a while…

DSCF1523… then got dinner ready so we could eat when Chef got home.  (Later this week, I’ll have a post about Polenta and Spicy Split Peas, which is what I made.)

I was completely exhausted by the end of the day, so sitting in front of the TV was the only thing on tap for the evening.

This week promises to be a week heavy on the food posts.  Not only do I have the Polenta and Spicy Split Peas to write about, but I’ll show you how to make homemade noodles!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. rita
    Nov 11, 2009 @ 19:34:29

    I always enjoy these little visits with you!

  2. Tracy
    Nov 12, 2009 @ 10:21:15

    Sounds like a great day!! 🙂 (Looking forward to that homemade noodle post, too!)

  3. Heather
    Nov 12, 2009 @ 16:06:26

    I thought of you and your leaf-raking yesterday when I was looking at my two little maple trees. We have one on either side of the driveway. Between them they probably have about 200 leaves. Maybe 50 of those leaves are on the ground right now. Not even worth raking.

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