The Big Move

A while back, I told you Chef and I had thoughts of rearranging our rooms.  I promised photos.

Weeeellll….  here’s the thing.  We’d been talking and talking about it, but hadn’t had time to do it.  And on Sunday, I got a wild hair, and just started moving stuff.  And you know, the thing about a wild hair is that it doesn’t take into consideration the promises you made to your readers.

So, I did take photos.  But I kinda forgot all the “before” shots, and I just have “during” and “after” pictures.  Ooops.


Anyway, here’s our downstairs bedroom, before.  (Well, before we moved all the furniture.  I had started moving the clothes.)


See that wardrobe?  We love that wardrobe.  We have tried multiple times to get to Narnia through it.  Alas, all we ever find is the back of the wardrobe.  And clothes.  And maybe a dustbunny.

This is our TV room, before.  (After, it becomes a guest room.)


I don’t have any “before” pictures of the room that was a guest room and then became our bedroom.  I blame the wild hair, and I’m sticking with that story.


This is Chef, with a chair on his head.  He had just carried it, with all his manly strength, downstairs all by himself.  My man is awesome.


Here he is, moving the loveseat downstairs all by himself.

“Um, honey?  Do you need help?”


“Honey?  It looks stuck.”  At this point, Chef was muttering references to Douglas Adams.

I don’t have photos of us actually getting the loveseat down the stairs because by that point, I was helping him.  Just imagine the poetry in motion that it was.


Here’s the living room with a ridiculous amount of furniture.  Don’t worry, it doesn’t stay this way.

Now, here’s where the photos kind of stopped.  See, we had to drive to Indianapolis (see my last post of pretty clouds and hot air balloons and eight-point bucks), so we had to hurry and move a bunch of stuff before we left, and then move a bunch of stuff when we got home so that we could actually sleep in our bed.  Suffice to say that there was much sweating and grunting with moving furniture and mattresses and such.

And now, for the “after” pictures.


This was the TV room, and is now a guest room.  I know, the bed’s not made yet and it’s still rather a mess.  But you see that great big dresser?  Chef moved it by himself.  I say it again: by himself! I married a hoss.


The bedroom.  Isn’t it cozy?


And the new TV / living room.  I like how it opens up the living space.


I like how the TV isn’t the focus of all attention, but we’re not hiding it, pretending that we don’t watch TV.  Because you know what?  We do watch it.  And we like it.  So there.


I like how this chair, while technically in the TV room, faces into the living room.  It ties both rooms together.


And this is the best napping couch ever.

Now, I just have to get all our clothes and sundry items into places where I’ll remember where to find things.  Details!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Rita
    Oct 14, 2009 @ 15:54:01

    Your wild hair! LOL!
    Strong man Chef, ALL BY HIMSELF!!!
    We surely appreciated Mighty Man here yesterday!

  2. Heather
    Oct 14, 2009 @ 16:14:22

    I’d put my napping couch in a napping couch throw down against your napping couch any day of the week. But preferably on Sunday, because that’s the best day for naps.

  3. Talley Mac
    Oct 28, 2009 @ 09:19:53

    HEY CHICK! I’m so glad that I found this! What’s wrong with me not knowing you had a blog! Now I have to catch up!!! 🙂


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