The times, they are a changin’

And so is this blog!

In the next couple of weeks, you’ll be seeing some changes to this blog.  The first thing is that I’ve changed references to my town and my husband so that I’m no longer revealing their real names.  I figure, my husband didn’t really ask to have me splash our lives all over the Internet, so maybe I should let him remain anonymous.  (Not that he minds.  He loves fame.  Well, not really.  I don’t know if he does.)  Anyway, from now on, I’ll be referring to my town as Smalltown, Indiana.  I don’t know if there really is a town called Smalltown, Indiana (my three-second Google search didn’t indicate one) but if there is and you go there, you won’t find me.  And I’ll be referring to my husband as Chef.  This is a nickname he’s had since college, so a lot of people know him by it, and it doesn’t feel too weird to call him that.  Just don’t get confused.  I don’t really live in Smalltown, and my husband’s name is Chef only to protect the innocent.

Hah.  As if he’s innocent.

But wait!  There’s more!

Keep watching this blog and you’ll see additional pages pop up.  Currently, there’s just the main page with all the good, meaty dirt about my life and the About page with the in-depth biography which was created by my interview with John Stossel.  (Not really.  I’ve never talked to John Stossel.  His mustache scares me.)  I’m going to be adding a page called Monday Meals, where I’ll have photos and stories about the community dinners we have every Monday night.  (Yeah, that’s another reason I changed the town name.  It really is a small town, and I don’t want every cowpoke who reads my blog to crash our dinner fun.  I mean, who ARE you people?  Just kidding, I love readers.  But some of you might be crazy.  I mean, the a lot of the readers I actually know are crazy.  My house can contain only so many crazy people.)  Anyway, the primary focus of this page will be the food and fellowship of Monday Meals.  I might also include other meals we prepare as well — like Thanksgiving dinner for the family or interesting recipes I’ve discovered or tried.  So don’t get your undies in a bunch if I talk about food that wasn’t eaten on a Monday.  You’ve been warned.

I’ll also have a page about crafts, home improvement, decorating, etc.  I haven’t named this section yet, though I have an idea or two.  Ooo, I should have a contest!  Except I don’t know what I’d give as a prize.  I guess I should make something crafty as a prize.  (Note to self: make a crafty thing for a prize if you’re going to have a contest.) I’m no expert or professional at any of those things.  Sometimes I go months without doing anything crafty or domestic, but maybe if I have a whole page on my blog dedicated to it, I’ll get more motivated.  Or maybe I’ll just write about how I mopped my floor today, and give you before and after photos.  Just teasing.  I do have one knitting project going, and I have some crafty ideas for Christmas gifts (I’ll have to post about that after Christmas, of course, because some gift recipients read my blog.)  Also, Chef and I have some ideas on rearranging the rooms in our home, so I’ll post before and after pictures of that when we tackle that project. 

Yeah… pictures.  I know that in general, photos are pretty scarce on this blog.  I’m working on that.  I’m learning what my camera can do (it’s pretty much point-and-shoot but it does have a couple of manual settings) and learning about photography techniques.  So I’m hoping that I’ll have more photos in my posts soon.

I’ve got other ideas rambling around in this pretty little head of mine, but I’m not ready to share them yet.  You’ll just have to wait until the secrets are revealed!


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. rita
    Oct 08, 2009 @ 20:40:00

    Grrrrreat changes as they mean more of a good thing!
    About the anonymity issue…I wonder what changes I should be making.

  2. Jon Hoyt
    Oct 08, 2009 @ 21:49:38

    IMHO, you can be anonymous as you want, and it doesn’t matter a lick. Someone with just a little motivation and an internet connection can find out your name, where you live, your phone number, email, and more in less than an hour.

    I don’t try to hide anything when I blog.

    I’ve had the worst happen though, I’ve been “hacked”, my identity was stolen, my website hacked, my email hacked, on a fun day in June of ’08.

  3. Karen
    Oct 09, 2009 @ 06:30:00

    Jon, you’re absolutely right. People are sneaky and crafty, and if they want to find out who I am, they will be able to. The anonymity I’ve instated isn’t really for security (though if I can make it harder for the crazies to find me, that’s great, although since I married into a family of crazies I might be a lost cause…) — it’s more a stylistic issue, I guess.

  4. Kim
    Oct 09, 2009 @ 15:18:37

    I think it’s funny that as I go “public” and quit calling Ivan “hubby” all the time, you change and start calling yours “Chef”. But I don’t think I have to be as concerned about people coming 6000 miles to find me for a free meal on Monday nights. lol

    BTW, we totally plan on crashing your Monday night dinners every chance we get while on furlough 🙂

  5. Chef
    Oct 11, 2009 @ 01:24:05

    You’re right, you do have a pretty little head…meaning that it’s a pretty head not pretty-little, that is.

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