Below the waist

Just a brief catalog of my current aches and pains, and the way other aches and pains are healing…

Hips.  Yep, even on yesterday’s run, the hips were a little sore.  I went five miles (yay me!) and I was very proud of myself, especially after having a very difficult time running two miles on Tuesday.  All the tightness from the 15K seemed to have finally loosened up.  But just before mile three, my hips started hurting.  Oh, good golly.  What a nuisance!  The soreness did work itself out, mostly, and I had only a little bit of an annoying ache by the end of the run.  Time to increase my dosage of glucosamine, I think.  Maybe it’s a placebo, but that stuff really works for me.

Knees.  Really, I don’t have a ton of trouble with my knees.  Every once in a while I get a pain on the side of a knee (usually my left) or I feel like it’s going to give out.  But it isn’t bad.  Hardly even worth mentioning, but hey, it’s a blog, and you’re supposed to write on blogs.  This is me writing.

Shins.  As you may remember, I had shin splints for a while.  I gave up the flip flops and wore the cute shoes less often, and my shins have been much better.  And since autumn and winter do not provide much opportunity for wearing flip flips, I’m hoping I’ll be good for the next several months.

Arches.  Well, just one arch, really.  I bought new running shoes last month.  Due to being sick, I haven’t gotten to wear them as much as I’ve wanted to, so it is only now (after it’s too late to take them back) that I’ve discovered that on longer runs (as in, longer than about three miles), they give me a blister on the arch of my left foot.  I got one on Saturday, and another bigger one in the same place on Wednesday.  I think Band-Aids are going to become my best friends as I train for my half marathon.  I might have to switch back to my older shoes for the race.  My new shoes are the same brand and model I’ve had for several years, but the latest version of the model does not fit me as well as the previous versions had.

Bunions.  I know, you thought only old people had bunions.  Well, you were wrong.  I’ve had them for as long as I can remember.  When I was about nine years old, I was able to predict the weather with my bunions.  When it was humid or about to rain, they would hurt.  I remember asking my mom one day, “Is it supposed to rain today?”  “Yes,” she replied.  “Why?”  “Oh,” I said, “I thought so.  My bunions hurt.”  I have pretty much grown out of that skill, but the bunions still give me pain sometimes.  It is very difficult to find shoes that don’t squeeze too tight or that don’t have a seam right across the bunion.  It’s even harder to find CUTE shoes with those qualities.  (Nearly impossible, in fact.)  In fact, it’s even hard to find running shoes that don’t squeeze or have a seam in the wrong place.  My old Brooks Adrenalines were fine, but this new version seems to squeeze more.  Ouch.

Toenail.  Last fall, Chef and I ran a half marathon in the rain.  As a result of the wetness, my shoe rubbed one of my toenails which eventually died and fell off.  My shoes seem to be rubbing that same toenail again, but not enough to make it fall off.  I rather wish it would fall off because it’s tender.  I think it would feel better if it fell off and re-grew.  But it didn’t ask me my opinion, and like most body parts, it is hanging on to life.  I guess I admire its tenacity, but I don’t like it hurting me.  (Did you know you could admire a toenail?  Did you know toenails could be tenacious?  I didn’t either, until I wrote that sentence.)

Above the waist, though, I’m feeling fine.  Except for the sore throat.  But I went to the doctor for that and I’m picking up an antibiotic after work today.  If only there were such an easy solution for hip pains and bunions.


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  1. rita
    Oct 01, 2009 @ 21:10:38

    Thanks for the full report. I totally admire those bloggers who can write so interestingly about every and any thing, even toenails take on a personality of their own!
    I’m thinking all weather men should have bunions, that could be very useful. BTW, it is raining here in Chicago right now, don’t know how far reaching your bunion-predictability is.
    Glad you are pressing on toward the goal, the mini. Remember, no matter where you come in you will have far surpassed the hundreds in your age category who did not even show up!

  2. Jon Hoyt
    Oct 01, 2009 @ 22:22:07

    Hmmmm, Bunions… Wikipedia time

  3. Kim
    Oct 02, 2009 @ 14:04:53

    FYI, my feet got bigger as I got older. Especially during my early 30s. I went from size 7 to 8. Like the rest of me, my feet just sorta spread. Could that be part of the problem with the new shoes?

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