Runner’s Remorse

Back in July, I signed up for a half marathon.  At the time, I was doing well with my running and had a friend who was my virtual running partner.  (She lives in Florida and while we’ve actually run together in person only once or twice, we seem generally to be about the same pace and level.)  My friend said she wanted to come to Indiana to run a half with me.  Back in July, I was really excited about this.

It’s September now.  I have a 15K coming up this Saturday, and the half marathon is only three Saturdays after that.  Life has gotten busy.  We have our community dinners on Monday nights, and Financial Peace University on Tuesday nights.  Chef is getting busier at work, and there is always much to do around the house.  The dogs need to be walked, the house needs to be cleaned, and a plant is waiting forlornly on my kitchen counter for me to repot it.  And my Florida friend has been plagued with injuries and blessed with trips to faraway places, so her training isn’t at a level where she’ll be ready for 13 miles in a few weeks.

On top of all that, I got the flu last week.  All my plans for running went down the tubes for at least seven days.

So now, I don’t wanna run the half.  I’ll be all by my lonesome in a big city (okay, just Indianapolis, but still.)  And I have other things I want to be doing.  Taking a weekend to visit my parents, for example, which is hard to do when I have a nine-mile training run scheduled on a Saturday.  Or going for a long, lazy bike ride, which I’m too tired to do after all my running.  Or going for a hike at a state park, which I don’t have time for after running, shopping, cleaning, and repotting.

The only thing right now that’s keeping this half marathon in my plans is the $40 I paid to enter it.  Yeah, I’ll get a shirt and a few freebies, but it’s really just the money that would be wasted that makes me even think about keeping up the training.  I’m not the least bit excited about it.

Encouragement, anyone?


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  1. rita
    Sep 22, 2009 @ 15:58:12

    I don’t know what to say. Feel your pain? Sorry about your loss of $40? Either way, whether you run the half or not, I AM SO PROUD OF YOU! We grow and move forward by steps of faith and for goals beyond our reach.
    And, hey, you’ve had plenty of writing material that kept us coming back for more!

  2. Heather
    Sep 23, 2009 @ 16:02:11

    All I can say is your Florida friend really sucks. 😛

    You may feel differently after your 15K this weekend. I have found that running well in a race usually gets me motivated to run another race. Give yourself an easy week, run your 15K, and then re-evaluate how you feel about it. If you decide not to run the half, consider the $40 a donation to the cause.

    Love ya, friend.

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