A Microscopic Organism Lays Me Low

Wednesday morning I woke up with a scratchy throat.  What a nuisance, I thought, but attributed it to dry air or some such thing.  I ran my five miles and felt pretty good.  After a shower and some breakfast, I noticed that I had a headache.  Not the brain-piercing migraine that I occasionally suffer, but a dull ache that stretched from my forehead to the base of my neck.  Oh, this was not good.  I took some ibuprofin and some zinc and went to my part-time job.

Wednesday evenings, we often go to church.  But after work, Chef and I lazed in the TV room, watching the contents of our most recent Red Envelope.  (The arrival of the Red Envelope in the mail is cause for much happiness in our home.  More science fiction to rot our brains — yippee!)  We decided to skip church.  After all, we had church on Sunday, people over for dinner on Monday, and Financial Peace University on Tuesday, so another committed evening felt like too much.  Plus, I wasn’t feeling great.

My wonderful husband whipped up some chicken soup for me, and we watched Stargate: SG1 together.  Exhausted, we both fell into bed at 8:45.

Alas, the extra shut-eye failed to make me feel much better on Thursday.  While the sore throat waned, my left nostril ceased functioning and the headache, while minor, was still present.  More zinc and ibuprofin, and I was off to my full-time job, where my day was filled with nose-blowing and hand sanitizer.

It was a slow day, so I spent some time reading the news on the Internet.  I came across a couple of articles about universities where the H1N1 virus is sweeping campuses.  (Although when 1 percent of the student body is affected, is it really the serious epidemic they say it is?)  So naturally, I Googled H1N1 symptoms.  Sore throat, stuffy/runny nose, aches.  And this, my friends, is why you should not Google illnesses.  I began to wonder if I had Swine Flu.

But then, really.  What could I do if I did?  Same thing I was doing.  Drinking fluids, resting, and watching science fiction.  (Sure, there’s no proven evidence that watching sci-fi helps cure the flu.  But show me some hard evidence that proves it doesn’t.  Well?  Thought so.)

I was supposed to run a couple of miles Thursday, but I didn’t.  I always have this dilemma about running when I’m sick.  For the most part, I believe that regular exercise helps stave off illness.  I think I’m generally healthier when I’m running regularly.  So what should I do when sickness comes?  Should I keep running because in general it keeps me healthy?  Or should I forego the workouts until my body is rested and feeling better?  I’m never sure, and no matter what I do, I usually wonder if I should have done the other thing.

Friday was much the same as Thursday with snotty tissues filling my trash can and sanitizer drying out my hands.  Again, I skipped the run after work and instead collapsed on the bed for a nap.  Saturday a nine-miler was on the schedule, but I opted for a five-mile run instead.  By Monday I was feeling much better and ran four miles (two with Gryffon-dog and two with Gracie-dog — they were delighted). 

By the time Monday afternoon rolled around, I felt 100 percent better… only Chef said he had a scratchy throat and a headache.  Poor fella.  He says I’m so generous that I can’t help but share everything with him.  I wish I hadn’t shared this, though.  Here’s hoping his recovery is as quick as mine.


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  1. Dolores Mounts
    Sep 08, 2009 @ 17:37:13

    Me-e-e-e-e too!

  2. rita
    Sep 10, 2009 @ 19:17:51

    I missed this blog, don’t know how.
    Hope y’all are feeling much better by now, including Mama Mounts.

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