Being Busy

I remember summers being lazy, do-nothing months.  I remember reading lots of books, taking lots of naps, and playing outside.  I remember summers spent in relaxation and hanging out with friends.

This summer has been nothing of the sort.

Last week, for instance, I didn’t even get a chance to run.  Monday was our Monday Night Dinner.  Tuesday, the church co-ed softball team had a tournament game, and Chef and I went to show our support by ringing cowbells and heckling the other team’s pitcher.  Wednesday was my birthday, and Chef took me fishing all day, and then to a surprise birthday party at his parents’ house, after which I was sunburned and exhausted to the point of tears.  (I did have a marvelous time, though — up until about 7:00 pm, which is when my body cried out for sleep.)  Thursday, Chef had a softball game.  Friday evening we awaited the arrival of some Wycliffe missionaries who were spending the night with us on their way from Columbus to Chicago. 

And then, on Saturday, Summer came.  I know, technically it’s been summer since June 21.  But we’ve hardly turned our air conditioning on this whole time since the temperatures have felt more like May or September than July and August.  But Saturday felt like summer usually feels — sunny, hot, and muggy.  So while I fancied a run and I had an eight-miler on my schedule, I wasn’t able to get out in the morning (our guests didn’t leave until 2:00 pm).  I did go to the YMCA, where I haven’t run since the weather got warm in March or April.  The air conditioned gym was my friend that day, and I was delighted to find the fan on the treadmill.  Ahhhhhhhhh.  Just a quick four-mile run was all I could fit in before the facility closed.  I did get to return on Sunday for a two-miler, some weight-training, and a short bike ride.

This week is just as busy.  Dinner tonight, softball Tuesday, the State Fair on Wednesday (yay!), softball again on Thursday, and Friday a friend of ours is getting married and Chef is catering the wedding.  Then Saturday is a big post-wedding party.

Even work has been busy.  We just hired two part-time employees, and I’m working on getting all their HR stuff in place, getting them name badges, and making sure they can clock in at our off-site locations.  I’m also working on planning our company Christmas party and running our month-end numbers (a task I loathe.)  There has been precious little time for writing or running, two of my favorite activities.

I never thought I’d say it, but I almost look forward to autumn when things slow down… only they won’t slow down because that’s when Chef gets busy and he’ll be busy all the way through until New Year’s.  And then is competition season which runs until March.  So I have to snatch time with him while I can because I won’t see him much for about six months starting in October.

So instead, I will take a deep breath, enjoy all the activities I get to participate in, and I’ll run and write when I have time.


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  1. rita
    Aug 10, 2009 @ 08:43:10

    So glad you found a moment to summarize your week past and week to come. It inspires me to squeeze in a post more often.
    I’m thinking it’s good we celebrated YOU on Wednesday. The weekend would have been crazy if not impossible.

  2. Mike
    Aug 11, 2009 @ 10:34:10

    I never leave comments but always read your blog and enjoy them immensely.

    Thought I’d let you know 😉


  3. Heather
    Aug 13, 2009 @ 14:54:21

    I miss you. Glad you have a blog – feels like we get a chance to chat now and then. 🙂

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