Tan Lines

Originally posted as a Facebook note on 05/26/2009

I always get my work clothes out the night before, so that I don’t have to fumble around in the dark or worry about waking up my husband, who is still sleeping when I leave for the office. So last night I pulled out a beige top, a brown skirt, and some slingback shoes. Quite a cute outfit, if I say so myself. (And for once in my life, my purse actually matches my shoes!  That happened only because I got a couple of lucky finds at Goodwill several weeks ago. 

Anyway, I got to work this morning and realized that the tan line I thought at home was subtle is actually very evident in fluorescent lighting. It looks almost like I’m still wearing socks. And you know, my legs are only going to get darker as the summer progresses and I keep running outside.

Am I going to stop wearing skirts? Will I return only to long pants so that my silly tan line won’t show? Certainly not. This is my badge of honor. This is what proves to myself, if to no one else, that I am a runner. I may not go fast, and I may not go far, but I go four times a week. And if everyone else thinks I just have bad fashion sense, I will not care. I will flaunt my sock lines because to me, they are a symbol of dedication. I don’t have a Boston Marathon finisher’s medal. I don’t have a first place ribbon in any race or age group. I can’t even break a 10 minute mile in a 5K. But I’ve got my tan lines. Sure, anybody could put on socks with their swimsuits to get the tan lines I’ve got, but nobody in her right mind actually would.

I’m proud of my silly tan lines because they say “I AM A RUNNER.”


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