Cornerstone Adventure: Day 2 (July 2)

My bladder and the daylight wake me fairly early, especially considering the late night.  I pull a t-shirt on over my pajamas, slide into my flip-flops, and pad down to the porta-potties.  When I return, I’m sure I won’t get back to sleep, so I dress, brush my teeth, and sit in a camp chair to enjoy the silence until others begin to stir about half an hour later.

Breakfast is bacon and scrambled eggs, fruit and cereal.  Then many of us attend a private concert by a friend of a friend who plays guitar, banjo, and accordian.

Charity playing her accordian.

Charity playing her accordian.

Afterward, we eat lunch and go our separate ways — some to watch a film, some to swim in the lake, some to hang around the campsite.  I walk around with Gina to the Merch Tent where we both eye cute skirts and jewelry.  When we return to the camp, I nap in the hammock while others play games and throw pottery.  Dinner is spaghetti, salad, and garlic bread.  More games follow:  Golf; Spoons; Apples to Apples; Ship, Captain, Crew (a convoluted version because I can’t remember all the rules and scoring); 10,000; Mancala.

Stephan and Kayla play Mancala.

Chef and K. play Mancala.

Another late night, but I feel I’m adjusting to Cornerstone time.  Before I bed down, I attempt to re-inflate the air mattress.  What a pain.  There’s got to be a better way to sleep comfortably in a tent without having to air up the bed every day.


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