Cornerstone Adventure: Day 1 (July 1)

For the first five days of July, I was with Chef’s family and some friends at Cornerstone.  The next several posts will chronicle our adventure.

Gina, KJ, and DJ arrive at our house at 9:00 am.  We pack the carrier on top of the car, but struggle to get it latched and locked.  With Gina sitting on top of it, we finally succeed.  We pack everything else around the car’s occupants.  Gina comments that DJ may be the safest one in the car because, sitting in the rear jump-seat, he is surrounded by sleeping bags, or “pre-inflated air bags,” we joke.

David, all packed in and safe.

DJ, all packed in and safe.

It’s a long drive but we keep ourselves entertained.  DJ tries to get every semi we pass to honk.  He succeeds with 27 of them by the time we get to our destination.  We sing at the top of our lungs to our favorite hits from the ’80s.  (We hear “Total Eclipse of the Heart” three times on the journey!  We also rock it out to “Sweet Child of Mine” and “I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll,” among others.)  We brought cherries with us, and we practice tying the stems in knots with our tongues.  Gina and I succeed, and Chef comes so close!

One of the cherry stems I tied.

One of the cherry stems I tied.

Stops for lunch, gasoline, and a few groceries, though they lengthen our travel time, are appreciated breaks from the car.  At one gas station, I spy a relic from days before cell phones were ubiquitous.  DJ asks me why I’m taking a photo of it, and I ask him how many of these dinosaurs he sees these days.

A relic from the past.

A relic from the past.

Upon our arrival at the camp, we set up our tents in the spots that the others, who came earlier, have saved for us.  (We have joined Father-in-law Mike, Mother-in-law Rita, Niece K, Nephew S, guest A, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, nephew M, and nephew E.)  Then supper is ready and we enjoy Mike’s Wisconsin chili.  Afterward, some of us play a game, some clean up the dishes, and others check the program for the evening’s concerts.  We walk, in several groups, from our Sherwood Forest campsite to the Cornerstone midway.  Chef shows Gina and me around.  I feel too tired and disoriented to keep the labyrinth of stages, tents, and dirt roads in my head.  I know I could not find my way back to our campsite, and I vow not to go anywhere on my own.  We view a film at Flickerings, then meander around, stopping at several stages to listen to bands.  Our final activity is seeing Josh Garrels at the Jesus Village tent.  (Its proper name is Jesus Village Flying Circus Dinner Theatre and Fish Camp.  But everyone just calls it Jesus Village.)

Rita and Mike enjoying chili.

Rita and Mike enjoying chili.

Then back to Sherwood Forest to get some sleep.

Home Sweet Home for Stephan and me for five days.

Home Sweet Home for Chef and me for five days.


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  1. rita
    Jul 10, 2009 @ 09:48:45

    What a fun trip!
    Anyone should want to travel in your car!

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